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New : Compact Disc!

"Quiet Nights with Quiet Stars"

CDR, edition of 100 copies. Listen to it now at http://cheloniamydas.org.


Like three ships, At night, On the ocean,

Quentin Legrand, journalist, Peter Kern, actor, and Remi Mercelis, painter

were destined to meet.

They became Quiet Stars.

Amuse-gueule, wall-paper music, bossa nova, easy jazz, kitsch pop with video projections by Martine Doyen. Make mini for a maxi result. It's visual, textual, and musical.


PETER KERN, guitars & vocals
QUENTIN LEGRAND, tenor saxophone & vocals
REMI MERCELIS, casios, bunny, vocals & melodica

Augmented by Jef Mercelis .


"Quiet Stars are too stubborn to be trendy"

The President of Honour of The Quiet Stars Appreciation Society

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